Touring Plans with Three Kids - Different Interests

I searched the forums but couldn’t find any posts on this. We have three kids, 7, 4 and 1 and are traveling with grandparents as well. We plan to often split up and have one adult take each kid so we can do what is best for their interests and ages. Is it possible to have different touring plans for each kid? Any suggestions not to overcomplate this planning and execution in the parks?
Thanks so much!

If you name them as different plans, can’t you make different plans for the same day/park but for each group?

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ITA. And it is going to be a bit complicated for you, the planner, but it shouldn’t be that complicated for, say, Dad and the 7yo. They’ll have a plan and know when to meet up with the group, which will make things easier for them. But leave a nice cushion of time. Otherwise, one ride going down or an unplanned stop (like an unexpected character or an extra bathroom break) can make everyone late to dinner!