Touring Plans “will support genie+ at a later date” question

I am sure someone has asked this and I did try to search before posting, but couldn’t find my specific issue.

I’m trying to tinker with plans for June ‘23 and the software is telling me it will support genie+ return times at a later date. I can’t enter my “planned” genie times into my plans.

Maybe it’s too early? Can we really not use that feature? Still being written?

And what do you all do for planning since we don’t know our return times until day of visiting park…enter what you are hoping/are likely to be able to get?

Thank you!

You can add your planned G+ times into your plan as you did for FP+


When I click LL/Genie+ I get a message saying this feature will be supported at a later date.

I did it in my plans I made last year. You need to got to the advanced options under the map on your plan. Where you used to add FPP times.

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I can’t see it in the app, only on the website. Look for yellow bar just below the Plan info (park, date, hours, etc).

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Thank you! I was doing it from the plan, not in advanced options.

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Yeah, I was surprised too, as I had hit the same buttons you did and got the same message. Odd that you get that error message, when there is a way to do on the page, just in a different spot.

The G+ buttons on the attraction cards are reserved for when TP will make their own suggestions/predictions of return times. So kind of an automatic feature that’s coming soon vs. currently selecting a time the manual way. (guessing)

Of course if you do your own homework from data/TP articles, you can get a pretty good return time guess at a given time on your own.

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