Touring plans when using Genie +

Ok, so for the folks going soon, how are you handling touring plans when it does not support Genie+ AND you plan to purchase it? Does anyone know if the Android app will be updated to show the ILL return times like IOS? We are going Dec 26-29th.

IMHO - Genie + and LL$ programs are not too different than FastPass was in terms of planning… If you didn’t go or use TP when FastPass was an option here’s how I handled it.

You could tell TP you were using up to 3 FastPass (FPP). So, if your plan had a FPPs at 10am / 11am / 12pm - Your “planned” attractions with a FPP were done.

With G+ you do get another pass as soon as you use the last one or 2 hrs whichever is done first. (Yes… there are ways to “game” the system, but I’m not wanting to complicate things more :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :crazy_face:)

So… make your plan, buy G+ / LL$, then follow the your plan. Along the way pick up as many G+ as you can following your plan. Like I said, you’re eligible for your next one as soon as you use the one you have. So, technically, you could have them back-to-back-to-back…if available

If you don’t see any G+ available for your next couple of steps then get the one you can use later and keep following your plan…

A touring plan has been proven to save you up to four hours of time not standing in queues - regardless of FastPass / G+ / LL$. With a touring plan you’ll be ahead of 90% of the people just wandering aimlessly asking, “What do you want to do next?” and then walking into a queue that is 90 minutes long. Later in the day that same queue may be only 15 minutes, but they won’t know that. However, you will because TP will have given you that data

Not until 2022…date unknown

Thank you so much for the thoughtful response. I did use it before with max pass but the touring plan worked with it and showed fast passes in the plan along with return times. Since the touring plan won’t be able to do that this time I was struggling with how to handle them separately. So if I understood you correctly, are you saying to use the plan without fastpasses included and just use the disney app(for genie+ tracking) and then work the plan around those times regardless?

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Make a plan that doesn’t use consider Genie+ or ILL$. When you get to DLR…

First, if you can grab the ILL$ for the times in your plan…great! If not, you’ll have to adjust.

Then for G+ while in the parks, follow your steps and on the way to each attraction see if you can get a G+ selection. If you can… great! If not, check the next step and see that one is available & so on…

If you, literally, can not get any G+ selections until times for late in the day that’s OK. Grab 'em and then 2 hours later check again. You can have multiple “saved” for later. You just can’t get another until it’s been 2 hours since you picked your last. (or used the one you picked)


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I’ll be there starting Sunday. I’m considering my touring plans VERY rough guides at best. Any time savings gained by the use of LL will be a bonus.

One adjustment I made was in the order of attractions. I made rope drop focused more on rides that have ILL$ or don’t have LL at all. Less incentive to rope drop Space for example if you’re paying for G+. Just be sure to click Evaluate instead of Optimize.


Yes thank you!


So much this!

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