Touring Plans when Fast Pass in advance of the trip are not an option

I am considering a trip for my youngest and I. We are using old tickets and there is no way to get them loaded into DME to make fastpass arrangements before we go. So if we do disney, it means the likelyhood of valuable FP’s is pretty slim. We generally go in September or January and this trip is in Mid march. Can a good plan really work even with out any Previous FP’s planned?

You may not be able to get 7DMT or Frozen but I bet you will have a good selection of FPs!

You might be able to load your old tickets into DME. This is the link on DME to get you started. I’ve used it to add our older tickets: . This link also had good starting info:

I think a good plan is far more important than just having 3 advance FPP in place.

You will be surprised as to how much you can get done with a good personalized TP, even without using any FPP. Any FPP that you can book on the day will be a bonus.


Even if you have to spend a long time in one line, it’s better than not having a TP and spending a long time in several lines. I get my FPs, but there’s usually something I head towards at RD and then something that I’ll be standing in line for, even though I got 3 FPs. I look at it that at least I’m getting all the other rides in and just suck up the line time for that one.

So, yes, a good TP can do wonders for you. People here are pretty helpful. So post your plan if you want advice or opinions.

Agree with others. In fact, we’ve ditched all FPP and changed parks, using the TP for a different day, on the fly without any problems. Plus, same day you’ll still be able to get some helpful FPP - Pirates, JC, WtP, TS, Buzz, BTMRR, etc. The TP is far more important than the FPP!

The more you use touring plans, and then personalize and optimize, the better you will be, for sure. And of course get to parks at RD. And book some pre-park-opening breakfasts. But you are going at some low-traffic times, and I bet you’ll be surprised that you’ll be able to get more quality FPs than you thought–at least at non-prime times. If you see problems with your TP, post here and ask advice.

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I have set up customized plans and optimized them. However, under the suggested FastPass+ section is says_None_. Has anyone else had this happen? I would love some guidance from Touring Plans…that’s kind of what I paid for.