Touring Plans Wait Times

I want to trust my touring plans but I am a little concerned with my Universal plans. I am going with a large group to all 4 Disney Parks and both Universal Parks and I know it is going to be difficult to convince the group to get up for Rope Drop every park day (Note: We have 10 full days only 6 park days.) I was doing some tinkering with the Universal plans and if we arrive at 3:00 (parks close at 8:00) it shows we can get everything we want done by 7-7:30 and the only attraction with a longer wait time than 20 minutes is Skull Island (at 76 minutes). Does this seem right? I have optimized many times and these numbers keep coming out the same. Does it seem right we can get all of this done getting to the park at 3:00? Do all the attractions having less than 20 minutes wait except Skull Island seem right? Does Skull Island at 76 minutes seem right? Both Harry Potter rides come it at 20 mins or less.

We are planning Islands of Adventure for Saturday, February 24th and Universal Studios for March 2nd. We will not have any express passes and are not staying on property.

Can you post the link to your plans here and make them public so that we can look at them? I would be curious to see what things you are trying to go on that it thinks you can get done in just over 4 hours. Then I think we can give you a better idea of how accurate this may be.


Here they are:

Islands of Adventure


Okay, here are my thoughts:

I feel like most of these wait times are on the low side. Despicable Me and Simpsons especially seem to have traditionally longer wait times, and around 6 on a Friday night, I would think that would still be the case. I imagine Escape from Gringotts would also be more than 12 minutes, and Transformers would likely be more than 10.

These wait times seem to be a slightly more realistic, and you have a lot longer walking time than you will really need between rides. So even if you get a little bit off track, with these estimated walking times, I think you can make it up. However, I would caution that you will get extremely wet on the barges and moderately wet on the Jurassic Park ride. You may want to put them back to back and have a change of clothes handy unless you want to go on everything else while you are drenched.