Touring Plans Wait Times Low?

I have never used Touring Plans for Disneyland, and not since the pandemic. I understand there is likely some uncertainty around how many people will be allowed in the parks, but when making a plan for August 18th the wait times seemed very low. Is the data messed up because of the pandemic? When might the wait times be more accurate? I will include a sample of my plan below. Highlights include: Pixar Pal-A-Round Swinging, 2 minute wait at 10:53am. Toy Story MWM, 5 minute wait at 11:05am. Guardians, 20 Minute wait at 11:43am. Radiator Springs Racers, 37 minute wait at 2:11pm.

Low wait times will be occurring until more capacity opens. When WDW first reopened, it was glorious. No waits.

But the wait times are already much longer in the Touring Plans line app, so I don’t see how they would be expected to get shorter in the next 3 months.

I’ve been making virtual TPs for DLR & DCA to test wait times over the last couple weeks. IME, since reopening, the mornings are extremely low waits. However, by 2pm the predicted waits vs. the actual waits are way off.

(Like predicted waits of 12 minutes vs. 30 minutes of actual. It adds up! I have to cut an attraction somewhere to make up for it later in the day)