Touring plans: unofficial guide vs custom?

Hi guys,

So, I just got my 2019 unofficial guide yesterday and my eyes have started bleeding from the neverending intense pushing of the infinite importance of rope drop… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There is no way I will get my family up early enough for RD without them hating me so I was planning on doing the custom touring plan thing, starting around 10:00 or maybe even 10:30.

My question: are such custom touring plans any good ? What can I realistically expect from them ? Even the guide seems to imply they might not be that good so I am getting a bit worried…

Thanks ! :grinning:


My family members are not early risers either. We planned all of our days as arrivals at 10 am. We’ve got 2 days at each park, so that helps.

It’ll be our first trip but I’m loving the Touring Plans I have. Every family is different and it’s supposed to be vacation. Just prioritize what’s important for your family and I’m confident you’ll have a blast.

I don’t know how many days your trip is, but I’d put any parks with hard to get fastpasses towards the end so you have a better shot at getting those. That way, you won’t have to rope drop.

Hope you have a great trip!


Yes if you do your own personalised plans they are incredibly accurate.


Thanks @missoverexcited that is very comforting ! :slight_smile:

@Cgarrett75 very similar here, we also have 2 days per park + an extra evening for MK so we should be fine I think ! :slight_smile:


Great! Happy planning!

I kept freaking out over things and then realizing it was okay. Most things are easily solved.


Thanks and to you too !! :slight_smile:

We went 3 years ago, did that approach and it all went really well so I’m not exactly sure why I worry so much LOL


I agree that the touring plans will still help even for a late arrival. It very well may be that you will have to wait longer and possibly do fewer attractions than if you had rope dropped, but the plan will help you get the most out of whatever you are there.


I always do custom plans and they are very helpful. I also pull them up in the app and optimize as I go, so it is very accurate and efficient.