Touring Plans Universal Orlando Menu Updates

Hey y’all, Len came to me a few weeks ago asking what we can do to improve the UOR functions of Touring Plans could be improved. One of my main points was updating and automating menu changes at the restaurants at the resort, similar to what we do at WDW.

After some coding working and bugs it is now implemented! All the restaurants at UOR menus are scraped and updated so all pricing and menu options are now up-to-date! Check it out:

This pairs great with our new Touring Plans design coming this year. I am very excited about these updates and there are plenty of other things coming down the line!

PS - I’ve suggested an apple watch app for HRRR secret song menu.


That’s great.
Thank you so much for this @josephmatt

And nice to see you unmasked in your new avatar :star_struck:

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Side note. It’s crazy that the CBBR restaurants never list prices anywhere.

Reviewing that main Dining page you linked Matt, a couple suggestions. (I know this doesn’t fall under your job duties, but just sharing so that you can pass along)

  • “Best Restaurants at Universal” & “Dining Overview” needs an update. Maybe only list those with an above 80% TP user rating? Example: At USF, Today Cafe and Louie’s is rated well above the currently suggested Fast Food Boulevard. Would be a good idea to mention the new Minions Café, even though there aren’t ratings shared yet.

  • “Dining Reservations” information should now include the ability to book USF, IOA, & CW restaurants right from the official Universal Orlando app.

  • “Character Meals” needs revised. For instance, the Minion breakfast has not yet returned since covid.

We all know that TP does not put in the time, effort, and research into UOR as it does WDW. (Not reviewing/updating the UOR web pages is a great example) But it’s understandable, considering the Disney-heavy clientele of TP. But I understand that travel agents have been seeing more UOR add-on days requests increase. Of course you can’t ignore the market share changes in recent years when comparing WDW/UOR.

And at the same time, there is a unique opportunity for Touring Plans coming with the opening of Epic Universe. I’d love to see TP prepare for this and jump right into the Epic U operations full blast at opening. This is where much of the new demand and interest will be coming from in Orlando in the coming decade.

I recently chatted with @david and he said there is no date set for the Universal Lines app 2.0 but that they’d like to do it sometime. IMO I’d get working on this as soon as possible so that TP has an up to date app interface. If it’s anything like WDW Lines 2.0, there will definitely be more users willing to use it and submit more wait times. And I’d love to see that happen in time for Epic U.

~~just my thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh! All the Android users will be mad!

Thank you for suggesting the menu updates and everything you do!

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Some of the blue text hyperlinks aren’t taking me to the restaurant. I tried Toothsome and Cowfish.

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Yip! :laughing:

Depends though.
What would be the purpose of the app?
Just a list of songs and numbers?
In the past I’ve just taken a screenshot of that info.

Passed this along to the site content team.

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Passed this along to the team. Appears to affect all the CityWalk restaurants.


My idea is homepage with one button to a page on how to access the secret list and another button to the song list. Song list is scrollable and sortable. Once you figure out your song you press it and the HRRR number appears big on your watch.

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Sounds useful :+1:t2: