Touring Plans Universal Express Unlimited problems

We’re staying onsite so have the Universal Express Unlimited. I’ve designated that in my touring plans but it seems like the plans are only letting me use the Express Pass once if I want to do an attraction multiple times. For example, if I plan on doing MIB three times in a row, my times are 17, 21 and 5 minutes between 11 am and noon. If I take off the Express pass option, it takes 17, 21 and 28 minutes. I’ve tried deleting plans and creating new ones, but when I make modifications it seems to revert back to one express pass use. Any suggestions on how to get the touring plan to accept my unlimited express pass?

E-mail about this problem, and include your plan URL. They usually resolve these sorts of things quite quickly.

What ^^ says but even with exp pass your wait will be 15 mins ish by the time you walk through. Honestly with onsite exp pass you don’t need a tp. You only need to know when to do Gringotts, FJ , Hog Exp train x2 and minions.

We went in APRIL, stayed on site and had the express pass. My suggestion to you (unless you are going on really busy days). Forgo the planning and just enjoy the park. Go to WWOHP first thing in the morning to avoid the lines and then just pick off rides one at a time. We did minimal planning at Universal and had a blast. Some express lines were a bit longer that I thought they would be - but as we were able to walk on so many it wasn’t a problem. We did MIB 3 times in a row as that is what people wanted to do and there was no express line at all.

Thanks all! We’ll be there next month on 8/9, so I’m a bit concerned about crowds. I’ll email the webmaster, but the reassurances make me feel better!!

Universal does a GREAT job with the passes. The more in demand they are the HIGHER the price so they always keep it in check. Get there early, hit WWOHP. Don’t forget to flash your ROOM KEY (you get quicker service at restaurants). TRY MYTHOS for lunch in IOA - nice place!! But get the LINES app and follow that to see what is busy and what isn’t. We found express pass was usually no more than 1/3 the regular wait. Sometime NO line - but no more than 1/3 the posted wait time for the regular line.

We visited with a family of five in December and found Universal to be a refreshing break from the usual planning of WDW. With the Express Pass, you can really just be spontaneous! The others are right about planning for Harry, though. No Express Passes in the Wizarding World…at least not for us muggles.

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Agree!! “A refreshing break”!! I think that is why we liked Univeral more. There was no stress.

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