Touring Plans Travel Contact Number Needed Urgent!

Alright, so over a month ago I booked our Thanksgiving cruise directly on the DCL website. We weren’t really planning on going on a cruise but the FL resident promotion was too good to pass up so I did it.

A few days later I keep reading that it is better to have a travel agent so I filled out the TP TA contact form with all my info including my existing reservation. I never got a response, never, not an email, nothing.

Today I can DCL to pay my remaining balance since my booking window is coming up in a week and surprise! it turns out that TP is my TA despite them not contacting me even once.

Well, now I try to call TP TA and there are no numbers on the website! even worse the Contact Us link tells you to post here in the forums! Please, help! What is a good contact number for TP TA?

@PrincipalTinker ??

Also that’s bizarre.

To transfer a reservation from yourself to a TA’s care, you have to submit a very specific form which you have signed authorizing the change.

Here is the contact for my touring plans TA:

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Oh! I told her I was PrincipalTinker but she knows me as Mary


Here’s my TP TA, if you still need help. (As a backup)

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Thanks to everyone. I was able to find out who my agent was.


Did you find out how they transferred the booking without you filling out the form?

The contact form that I completed requested reservation number so no mystery there.

It was all good in the end. My payment was processed and hopefully I’ll start booking activities when my window comes up.

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