Touring Plans Travel Agency Question

Is there a way to see a list of travel planning professionals associated with Touring Plans? I have been looking to see if I can find information other than “request a quote”. Who I work with is important to me (and I suspect many others here).

I know one of the travel professionals I have worked with in the past (and love) has contacted me that she is now associated with Touring Plans as a destination specialist, but I usually book my cruises with her :grinning:.

Am I missing the info?


As you know there are many Travel agents that do Disney mainly. Magic Vacations Travel was one of them. They had great specials but alas the special no longer exist. Mainly they were booked via convention status but that was apparently taken away from them and they are no longer anything special. I have a cousin who became a travel agent and is a Disney fanatic. She works for a small outfit called. Northern Lights Travel and Fairytale Conciege service. Not trying to push anyone here as there are so many that deserve a mention. She works her butt off for you. :upside_down_face: Hope this is allowed out here for I don’t want to go against the rules.

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I just say the “request a quote” information on the touring plans website. Is this a new venture for TP or has it always been there and I just missed it?

It’s new.

When I go to the websites there is usually a link that says something like: Meet our agents, or Meet our team. Am I missing that?

@AnnetteJackson, @len is there a page that could tell me who the agents are? I understand that you might be reaching out to general touring plans users that would just book through the link BUT I want to know who I am going to bother when I make 500 changes to my booking. It is important to me since I have had agents that never completed bookings or basically just blew me off in the past.

@PrincipalTinker sent you this list, too. Here they are:

  • Stephanie Hudson
  • Sarah Goff
  • Missy Blair
  • Alex Cenac
  • Michelle McKnight
  • Nicole Rosen
  • Kelly Ybarra
  • Gina Akin
  • Jennifer Upton
  • and Annette (Owens) Jackson

Thank you for your support of this new adventure. We have talked about having this on the website along with a few other items. I am sure over time this part of the site will be developed.
I can say that the agents that are working here have years of experience booking Disney Travel Planning Agencies and we are thrilled to have them working at TouringPlans. Along with their knowledge of Disney they can plan vacations to other locations so you have an agent that can team with you to plan ALL your vacation needs. If you have an agent that you have worked with in the past you can always request to work with them.

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Thank you both! I have worked with Michelle in the past for my cruises. If any TP user needs a liner recommendation please PM me. I will reach out to her this week. Thanks again!