Touring plans tech question

We are going for 6 days. On some of my plans there are NO fast passes suggested - even though I’m staying the entire day at animal kingdom on one day. Surely I should get a fast pass for something. Ideas on how to get fast pass recommendations?

If you go to your plan, edit the header (the gray section) and in the lower left of that section click the box marked “publish this plan” Then copy the link that appears in the top middle of that gray section when you refresh the page. Paste that link here so we can take a look

Are you planning on spending any time at Rafiki’s? All I see is the train back and forth but no time in between. Conservation Station is an option in the attractions list, which will give you the short walk time from the train station and a time estimate.

I never use the TP suggestions for FPPs. I plan my advance FPPs for attractions that “I really don’t want to miss” and hit as many other favorite attractions in the first couple of hours after RD.

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I never wait for it to suggest. That function seems a bit off at times. I mean, you know you need one for FOP! The rest of your waits look short which is probably why it isn’t suggesting any but I’d put them in anyway - EE and either Safari or Dinosaur - and optimise and see if it uses them. You might want to make a copy and do that to the copy if you like the plan you have.

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You wait times are wicked low overall. I think it generally recommend the wait is over 20. So given that you would expect that It should be telling you for Navi, Everest, and FOP. But sometimes it won’t if using FPP will make it so that somewhere else thewait gets longer as a result.

I always grab FPP for the usual suspects whether the plan wants me to or not though. I would get for Navi or FOP, EE, and Safari

Thanks for all the tips everyone! I hope the wait times really ARE that low when we get there. so much to see and so little time - especially with little kids and naps!

Rafiki’s is open again? Yeah!!