Touring Plans Still Working?

I know there’s been issues in 2018 with the accuracy of CL predictions. In spite of this, does it seem like Touring Plans are still working out as expected for those that have used them in the last few months? Or have you found yourself getting off course and cutting things out due to wait time inaccuracies?

Please elaborate on the types of issues you’ve seen reported? I’ve been a member for 4-5 years, but only started logging in again recently with our trip coming up, so I’m not familiar with this…

@kstander They have addressed this by adjusting their algorithms & since then their predictions have been more accurate. Disney is cutting capacity on “slower” days which has increased wait times. There’s a great explanation of the changes they made from Len on The Dis Unplugged bonus episode from 3/5/18.

There’s also this post: that explains more about how they are using only more recent times in the crowd calendar to help improve their accuracy.


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Yes, I was wondering specifically how people’s prepared touring plans were working out for them in the parks during those days that had a higher CL than what was predicted when they made their TP.