Touring Plans - Split FPs

My DH, DS8, and DS13 have no desire to ride TOT (I know…crazy). They would much rather watch Indiana Jones and I am ok skipping it. My plan is to get a FP for 2 people in my party for TOT and get 3 FPs for Indiana Jones for everybody else. I figure we can go to TOT while they watch the show.

How would I put that into the TP? Right now I just have the Indiana Jones show in my TP and deleted TOT with a note that we are going to TOT. Is there a better way to handle split FPs in the TPs? How about making two different plans (one for DH and one for myself) and try to make them the same except for a couple of steps? Is that too much work?

The more I plan, I’m sure we will end up having numerous split FPs. My DH doesn’t like any rides that going in circles, drop, etc. and I love them. He spent a lot of time on our last trip just waiting for us to get off rides. I’m trying my best to make a TP that will meet the needs and wants of everyone in our party.

Thanks for all your help.

Since ToT takes more time than Indy, I’d leave the ToT FPP off the plan. I doubt the others will need an Indy FPP

I had a similar situation. I used notes to say what they others were doing. You could also put in a break item with 1 minute and use that to say others were at IJ.

You could make a separate plan, but do that at the end and sub in the Indiana Jones, so you’re not updating two plans simultaneously.