Touring Plans Site Problem - Fast Passes

Hey there, can’t get access to email anyone who is in charge of the site (just directs you to a help site and then to the forum … hoping a moderator can get this error brought up to the people who work on the touring plans side of things).

I have secured a FPP for 1235PM (meaning right after 12noon) and when I go to put it in, the touring plan I’m making rejects it b/c it’s “outside of park hours” … See photo.

Assuming someone has built out the touring plans swapping the PM and AM for the 12 O’Clock hour seeing as 1235pm would be midday and obviously during park hours.

E-mail - they are pretty quick about getting to the bottom of these things. Be sure to include the plan URL.

Also, check the times that you set for the start and end of your TP - that could be blocking it.

Thanks so much! I’ve been trying to find a way to get it fixed but couldn’t find an email. So thankful for this!

AHHH!! This fixed it!! I’m such a goof, and I’ve found the problem. OMG thank you so much!