Touring Plans Setting using an ECV

Hi folks. Getting close for my FP+ selection day. Going thru setting up a. Personal touring plan. Suggestions - setting walking speed at Relaxed or Very Relaxed?? Also, any other General suggestions on using an ECV would be quite helpful. Most days we will be doing Rope Drop (maybe I should opt for a plow attachment? – kidding). Thanks for your help and great videos.

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Although ECVs are very fast, you won’t be able to go that fast with the crowds. I would set it to be very relaxed just to get yourself acclimated to a slower pace; although relaxed would work, too.

As for tips, people are oblivious of ECVs; they will walk right in front of you and then stop. You will have to be on your guard for that. Practice driving it slowly when you get it. I have to say that it was so nerve-wracking for me that on our last trip I chose to walk with my walker instead of getting an ECV.

We had a double stroller and always put Very Relaxed, just to build in some margin. Basically, allow myself to go to the bathroom or grab a snack very now and then and allow for the added hassle of stroller maneuvering and parking.

I think it’s very dependent on the crowd level, and a little dependent on what type of ECV you have. I rented an off-site ECV (it was smaller and not as slow as the ones at Disney) and didn’t change my TP pace at all, it was set at average. I do recall the crowd level was 4-7 on those days. I’m sure if you own one, it, too, will be faster and possibly more maneuverable than the Disney rentals.

I also recall leading the pack at rope drop at least once, you can’t do that with a Disney ECV!

But if the CL was very high I would probably would set the pace at “relaxed”.

Having a non-Disney ECV was also very handy for the trek between our hotel (the YC) and DHS & EPCOT. Actually, at that point it was kind of fun.:smile:

The only caveat besides the general inconvenience of an ECV is I would avoid KS. The boarding process is terrible, and there is nowhere to leave your ECV even if you are capable of walking a small distance and boarding under your own steam. Just don’t do it unless you have a whole lot of time to kill.

We went with relaxed and always found ourselves ahead of the plan.

Many thanks for the insight. I will be traveling w adult family members and they mentioned that they would play “blockers” for me. :slight_smile: Looking forward to this trip - first time in 15 years! Also will have a few early breakfast reservations in Epcot & MK so that should help w some Rope Drop traffic. Have a great day all!


@Daveebt will you let me know how it went when you get back? I am taking my dad and he has never used one before, I would love to hear any tips or tricks you find. I am very nervous for him.

OK. Will do. I’ll be there in June. Renting from Buena Vista (recommended by others). They drop off at Disney Resorts. First, as suggestion… if you are in the US, go to a Walmart (even if you are not buying anything) they have scooters for shopping… practice in the store a little. I use the courtesy scooter carts there and at my local supermarket and have grown accustomed to driving those. May not be exactly the type you will have in Florida, but its a start. My dad used one we rented him at Disney years ago… at first he didn’t like to use it, but shortly he loved it and got accustomed to it. Chat later.

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Hi. Got back from trip. Everything went smoothly. Stayed at Disney property, the Contemporary. ECV was waiting for me near Bell stand. Folks there showed me the basics of the scooter.
To conserve battery, shut it off when waiting in lines or at shows. Battery lasted pretty much all day (started out at 7am and back in room by 4pm). Remember to take key with you whenever you park it, even if only for a few minutes. Charges up overnight.
I set ECV speed at 1/3, sometimes 1/2 when not in parks. Buses, monorails, and ride attendants very helpful. Have someone walk in front of ECV to act as a blocker - folks will generally move out of your way, but once or twice some will be mindlessly looking at their phones or maps. Setting on Touring Plans was set to very relaxed and all worked out well. Had time for occasional bathroom stop. Returned to Bell stand on morning of departure - just had to sign it back in.
Hope this helps.


I’m so glad it worked out for you.
I did rent one for a half- day at AK. I think you were smart to rent yours from an off-site company, the Disney ones are hard to start, you can’t just get up and go look at things anymore, they have a dead-man switch and both arms have to be down to start them. Very annoying. But far, far better than nothing!