Touring Plans Room Picks

What exactly makes certain rooms at resorts a Touring Plan Pick?

I’m searching in CBR with the only filter as standard/double beds (which I think are now all queen beds) and only 4 rooms on the entire property are chosen as a TP pick. Is there certain criteria that makes these rooms preferable over others? CBR is such a huge resort, I’m curious why only 4 make the pick list for that filter.

I was guessing the rating was based on their scoring system for noise level, visinity to transport, etc.

I agree that this is fairly murky. I wasn’t able to find a single TP pick for a Standard room at POFQ!

I found the only way to get TP picks to show rooms is to either put only the room type filter or no filter at all with just the date changed.

I just tried it at POFQ and you’re right…there’s not a standard room in the “picks” but 135 rooms that not in the standard room buildings as picks.

I guess it’s best to just figure out where we really would like to be with whichever requirements and go from there.

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Thank you for asking this question! I too have wondered as we are staying at Kidani Village in August and there aren’t any rooms that are TP picks. I’m not sure how to decide which floor, area, etc and that is one of the reasons I subscribed to Touring Plans!

I will agree the filter not working is less than ideal, but in the write-up for Kidani Village (and all the other resorts) they have a section on “Best and Worst Room Views…” - here’s what they say for Kidani:

“The best views in Kidani Village are the north-facing rooms near the bottom and middle of the backward 3. Try rooms 7X38–7X44, 7X46–7X52, 7X06–7X11, 7X68–7X82, and 7X61–7X67 (X = numbers 0–9). These overlook the savanna next to Jambo House’s Kudu Trail rooms and beyond into undeveloped woods. West- and south-facing rooms in the bottom half of Kidani Village overlook the parking lot; west-facing rooms in the top half have either pool or savanna views.”

Only a few sections up from the bottom:

The other thing to figure out is what’s really important to you in a room. View? Access to Pool? Quiet? Close to Transportation? Close to Food? There are a ton of variables and odds are you may rate things important in a room differently than I would. I’d suggest playing with the Maps on Touring Plans and looking at different room options/views and figuring out how they fit with your priorities and then making a room request based on that.

Thank you so much for your response, it’s much appreciated! It’s just my husband and I and we aren’t too picky but I wanted to make sure we would see some animals! Thank you again!

Are the updated rooms at POP updated in Touring Plan room finder? That would be awesome. If not, I think I can figure it out, but it would be easier if all in one place.