Touring Plans Reservation Finder Not Workkng?

I don’t know if it is being discussed somewhere else (if it is I can delete this thread).

I know a number of dining finders stopped working this week. @len, is TP having the same issue or is the dining finder impacted by the new website?


It’s related to changes Disney’s made. One of them involves how we link to reservations.

We can make this adjustment. It came (unfortunately) at the same time we were rolling out the new website UI. So our priority is to get the new website UI stable, wait a few days to ensure it’s stable, and then look at this.


I’m loving the new UI! (Universal)


Thank you!

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I have been loving the Universal pages too. I think I found the same weirdness with the dining reviews that sometimes appeared with the new wdw app reviews:

Here are a couple of examples:


Ahhh, thanks for that. That looks odd.