Touring Plans Request - Resorts at Holidays

I’m pretty familiar with the Touring Plans set-up, but I thought I’d make a suggestion for an additional TP.

WDW is famous for the decorations at the holidays - it would be very helpful if there were a TP for touring the resorts to see the different decorations. I know that the Lyft Minnie’s make the prospect much easier, but there lots of travel options that allow resort to resort travel like the monorail, boats, and the like.

My suggestion is somewhat selfish - I do have a holiday trip coming up and my senior parents would like to tour the resorts more than just ride the rides. But I think it might be a great thing to add the selection of TP’s.


CR, the Poly, and GF (a must see) are all on the mono loop. WL (another must see) is a short boat ride from the CR. The other “must see” is AKL, but that is a bit more challenging if you don’t have a car. Probably the easiest way to do this is to take a bus to AKL during a AK day. It’s a very short bus ride, and makes a nice break in the middle of the day - or at the end of the day and eat at Jiko or Boma while you’re there.


Thank you for the suggestions!

The Beach and Yacht Club are also worth seeing. They can be done as a break from Epcot by going out of the IG;it’s a 5-10 minute walk to the BC lobby (which happens to be my favourite).

Also you can add a boat trip to the monorail loop to see WL. I love getting that boat from Contemporary to WL and FW. It doesn’t matter which launch you get, they circle Bay Lake in different directions. At WL you have a beautiful resort with decorations on a huge scale to match. FW have the carriage rides to see some of the loops, plus there’s also the WDW horses to see too.

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I’m happy to see this question as I have been wondering the same thing. Thanks for asking!

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Will these all be up by Thanksgiving?

When I was there in 2014, the decorations started going up the week before Thanksgiving. I think they are all “required” to be up by Thanksgiving Day. In 2016 I was in Orlando for a conference and although I didn’t go to any of the parks, I did a “Christmas in the Resorts” evening and they were definitely all up the first week in December.

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