Touring plans renewal

My subscription is coming up soon, but we aren’t going to the World this year. I was considering letting it lapse until next year.

Does anyone know if I lose my account and my old touring plans if I let it lapse or will I be able to still get it back when I’m ready to renew (even if it’s not for a year or two) ?

You can definitely get it back after a short gap, I’m not sure about a year or 2 but I don’t see why not.


I let mine lapse for over a year between renewing.

Sadly, I waited 11 years before renewing again! I can’t believe I haven’t been in The World since 2007! But I’ll be back next month! :):grinning:

Was everything still there when you came back?

As far as I can tell. Still had my old touring plans and info from my last trip

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We knew y’all would be back. :smile:


So the account stays on the system for awhile then?

I would think so since I think you can sign up for an account without paying to get access to the reservation finder. I believe your account doesn’t go away, but you lose access to the premium features of the site. But @len can correct me if I’m wrong.