Touring Plans Program Confusion

Hello TP denizens,

Long time user, first time poster. I’ll be at WDW at the end of January and apparently the Pro Bowl parade at MK is going to go marching right through my carefully thought out touring plan. (Sat Jan 28). It hasn’t been officially announced as to the date but popular assumption is Saturday.

I’d like to avoid the football stuff so looked at swapping my MK day from Saturday to Sunday. But despite Saturday being a crowd level 6 and Sunday being a crowd level 5, the waits for my plan are higher on Sunday. I wasn’t expecting a significant decrease in crowds only going from 6 to 5 but I didn’t expect wait times to be longer! My plan starts at 9 and ends after the parade - maybe the decrease in crowds comes later in the evening?

Ohhhh. Where are you finding all this info? We’re there the same weekend and I have MK planned for the Sunday. I would like to keep an eye on that.

Sorry I am totally not answering your question… I have no idea about the wait times. LOL

The Pro Bowl is in town. The game is Sunday and there are other activities including a 5k run, public practices and the football players in a parade beforehand. I’m guessing they’re just added into the regular 3pm parade and don’t get their own special one. If you google you can find some limited info but they don’t tell you what/when the parade is other than it’s at MK. Disboards people are guessing it’s Saturday but it’s just a guess. I hope we both have great trips!