Touring Plans overload

I just got back from a 6 day Disney World vacation. I am not divorced......yet. I think I need a Touring Plans intervention. They work! You just can't do it all. I avoided naps, almost killed us. My wife has a perfect shirt idea YOU CAN'T FASTPASS THEM ALL! I feel like I looked at LINES more than I did attractions at times. OVERLOADED! Be glad when I am not doing personalized plans in my sleep.


Does the science prove that the new FastPass helps our hurts guests? I like the old FP. The fourth FP selection we got at AK was not one that we wanted. My teens felt this at EPCOT.

Glad to hear your TPs work well, @kikistal ! And, that you're not divorced !!! How did your 4th FPP selections go at MK and HS ?

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Next time will probably be much easier on you, you wont feel as much pressure to fit it all in.

And no naps is a big no no for us, too!

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We got PIrates of Caribbean so that was great. At HS it was Star Tours so again that worked out for the wife and 4 year old. The teens got Small World and Laugh so not sure they were happy.

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