Touring Plans Optimize

Edit–issue is resolved!

Hi all! I can’t figure out what is happening with my touring plan. I took some rides off (Haunted Mansion) and tried to add others. I have hit optimize multiple times, but the times seem to be off. (Ex: we leave the park for “rest” at 12, but the next ride is has scheduled after that is 11:44 am, then there is a big gap between country bear jamboree and the nighttime shows, tom sawyer island and swiss family robinson at the end with no time)

Plan is here:

Suggestions welcome, very new at this! Thank you.

Something is definitely wrong here - email, describing the problem and giving them the plan URL. The are usually quite quick at getting back to you about issues like this.

Thank you. It’s nice to know I’m not just going crazy!

So I just had a look and I can’t see what’s wrong!

Did something happen to fix it?

Yes, it resolved itself later in the day when I optimized. I tried to delete the post and it wouldn’t let me–sorry! I’ll try to edit to say it is resolved.

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