Touring Plans only allowing 1 FP

Hello everyone. I am enjoying doing my plans. However, I find that on some plans, even though I have long waits the system doesn’t suggest a FP.

And when it does I can add one. But if I add another it overrides the first one, eveni f they are at different times of the day.Any help much appreciated. Thanks !

Not sure what is going wrong here - even if the software does not recommend an FPP, you can still add however many you want and it will try to incorporate them.

e-mail describing the problem and giving the plan URL and they should be able to quickly sort things out.

One possibility is that you may be trying to insert 2 tier 1 FP when you can only have 1 in a plan. The other two would need to be Tier 2.

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Thank you so much for replying. It is for MK and I don’t think it has tiers?

Actually does anyone know is the FP based on real time availabilty - say it was for tomorrow? I was doing a dummy plan to see how well it worked tomorrow . If that makes any sense lol!!

I worked it out, I am so silly!! Instead of Adding Fastpass I was just over writing the existing one I had. Thank you all again .