Touring Plans...need suggestions

I admit I have a problem and can’t stop tweaking my touring plans. I want to print them out so I will stop obsessing over them and start packing! Would love any suggestions though as others tend to see things I miss. It will be DH, myself, DD4, and DS2. We have a break day on Thursday and will go back to Magic Kingdom on Monday the 4th but I don’t have a plan other than scheduled FP for what I think will be favorites.

Thanks for any input!

Great plans !

Seems pretty reasonable with kids of that age (2 & 4).

Maybe some thoughts on Sat, Feb 2: Are your coming from the Main Entrance or from the International Gateway. If you’re coming from the Main Entrance, I would swap put Spaceship Earth before Figment to avoid backtracking. In addition, four “Agent P Mission” in one day seems maybe a little too much.

Have a nice trip !

Looks like a fun plan!!! I think you’ve done a good job allocating rest time and not making your TP too packed.

We will be there at the same time as you and have an 11:30 CP on 2/3 also (followed by a JC FP)! Maybe we’ll bump into you!!

I also had to force myself to print my TPs this week so I would leave them alone!!

I love reading people’s plans! I get so excited. LOL

I wonder whether your kids will have the patience for Agent P. I’d say mine did not until age 5 or so as the missions are about 30 minutes. We had better luck with the Pirates one at MK for the 3-4 ages. YMMV. I will say thought that the adults in our group enjoyed Agent P a lot so I hope your littles like it.

Another thing I noticed is that you have “eat picnic lunch” at Boneyard. I’m not sure any kid could eat once they see the Boneyard–my kids love it! I’m not sure whether it’s enforced or not, but there is a sign that no food is allowed inside the Boneyard and CMs are stationed at the entrance. You may have just meant to grab your food and head over toward the Boneyard, but I wanted to let you know. Something to consider. Be sure to head over the bridge to the dig site, it was trip 3 before we found it (and the shade!).

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Oh good tips about the Boneyard! I saw someone else talk about food at the Boneyard and I was planning on it as well. It seemed like the perfect place for mom to get a drink!

Street performers at the pavillions. Try hard not to miss them. The kids might love them. Especially Sergio.

Sergio - Italy
Seveur Amusant - France
Chinese Acrobats - China.

Also in Epcot - Jammitors in FW. Kids might not like them, but you might.
Also in Epcot - near Figment - the “Jumping Fountains.” Go ahead and figure 10 minutes for those.

(I’ll just put in parenths here that just IMO, Figment and Gran Fiesta…just my opinion…complete waste of time. Just opinion. I left scratching my head at both.)

No Pirates of the Caribbean? My daughter has never liked the jungle cruise. Jokes are really over her head. But I get you might think pirates is too scary for her but lots do ride it. Just depends on the kid.