Touring plans is being weird

So, I am headed to WDS in mid March. It’s going to be busy…Florida’s spring break also.
I have made dining plans and a touring plan, because I figure it will help us at least have an idea of order of attractions, etc.
However, when I made the plan, and put in dining, it is leaving these big blocks of time…like over an hour of “free” time when I have not designated any free time. I have an afternoon break scheduled for 2:30, then a return back to the park at 5pm, dinner at 6:30, and MK has a closing time of 10pm that day.
However, in the morning, it is blocking over 80 min. before my lunch “plan” at a Counter service…why is it doing this? Then it gives me another long break before my actual “break” at 2:30, and puts a lot of attractions at night. Which might be fine, except if we are tired we will head back after dinner…I am just confused why it is doing this, because even if wait times are an hour, I would have time for at least one attraction in those “holes” that it is making.
Anyone have any ideas?

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This happened to me also when I was testing using optimize. Maybe tweak some things and press evaluate?

I think it does this when wait times get long and you have “time” to do the rides later, when lines are shorter. If there’s a chance you might not come back to park, I’d take out your evening hours, that way you know how much is realistic to get through before you head out.

Or you can force rides into the gap and use Evaluate.

It sounds like you don’t have enough scheduled for the amount of time you are planning at the park?

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You don’t have enough attractions to fill the time you’ve allotted.

Try cutting down the hours you are giving the plan to work with.

Post a link to your plan if you want eyes on it, but it sounds like the software is working as designed after you’ve given it the things you’d like to do, in the time frame you’ve told it, to have you spending the least amount of time walking/waiting in lines. If you modify some of those parameters, the software will recalculate accordingly. The software is great, imo, but it doesn’t do common sense at a human level. It can’t. Once you start thinking about how the software works, and the entering parameters to fit your needs, that’s when you might start thinking - “This is fantastic!” There are still glitches you might find here and there, but in the end, I still think it’s unbelievably simple, and worth every bit of each penny of the cost. You’ll still have to probably tweak and evaluate once your tp looks about 98% awesome, but that’s nothing. Good luck!

I was able to get it working by shortening my hours. Ideally I want to get my must do before we leave for our break. Anything we do after dinner is gravy!
Thanks guys!