Touring plans including early entry, Genie plus, and ILL

I have a trip planned during spring break (not my choice) and am determined to make it a pleasant trip. I am willing to use early entry, genie plus, and ILL. But I can’t find any touring plans examples that use everything. I have a day and a half in each park except EPCOT (also not my choice). My groups only request is mid-day breaks and swim time. I have already secured my dining reservations and have 5 character meals so I have that covered without having to stand in a line. Any suggestions of where I can look for plans. Also has anyone had problems park hopping to HS on CL10? I’m worried that I won’t be able to get in and that is how I’m doing my half day in HS.


Are you not interested in making a personalized plan?

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I have made several personal plans but I keep questioning myself.

One day I’m doing AK for the morning and then hopping to HS. I was thinking about starting to stack that morning for HS. Was going to do ToT, MaMRR, Olaf. Next days was going to rope drop ROR and MF and stack toys Tory land.

Now I’m wondering if I should stack that half day for Toy Story land and do the others when I have a whole day. So many options!

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I would probably enjoy AK and stack for HS too.

Re park hopping, I don’t think you have to worry about being turned away. That’s only happened once, at MK, in 2021, and hasn’t recurred since. We hopped to DHS several times during Xmas week.

We had a three-day trip the week before Christmas, with a couple of CL10 days, and similarly willing to throw money at the problem by staying onset for EE, buying G+ and ILLs, and we rode everything we wanted, with our longest line being the VQ for GotG (around 30 min).

You are right - so many options, and probably many of them are equally good. If you already have your ADRs planned out, you will in any case have to partially plan around those.

We never “just” stacked for afternoons, but used a few morning LLs in quick succession and then started stacking a bit later on while having long lunch/watching shows. We always bought ILLs for headliners, then used BG1 (see La Cava section of the forum for more info) to get a LL for the first available slot of the day at another major headliner in the parks where we started (e.g. Remy, SDD, and JC), then rope dropped primarily second tier attractions because we found the idea of battling the RD crows for RotR, Remy, 7DMT and FoP too stressful, but to each their own (and if you want to try to ride something twice, it may be worth it). We usually got 2-4 rides done before crowds started building, and would then tap into that first LL, grab another with a short return time, and do that until there was no longer anything good available, and switched to stacking for later. Once we got a “golden ticket” from our first morning LL (see also La Cava), and had the most amazing day just booking and tapping into virtually anything we wanted to ride.

Agree with DWJoe that I wouldn’t worry too much about restrictions on park hopping, the reports of that happening are exceptionally rare and even then temporary (for a few hours max).


For creating a personalized plan, Thrill Data is your best friend too. I studied it for a few weeks ahead of my recent trip and created a LL priority list based on return times and ride times I expected based on their info. It ended up being pretty close to right. I would run Evaluate against it in the TP app, and it would always tell me I couldn’t finish in the allotted time. However, once I started getting my LLs and inputting them on the day of and optimizing my plan, we always got through everything we wanted.


I’m doing what @amuething described using thrill data for a couple representative days (same day of week, CLs as mine) and then will build into a personalized plan that I’ll evaluate as we move through it. Getting familiar with “what it would have looked like” had I been in each part about 5 times has got me much mroe comfrotable with (a) making my TPs and (b) confident I’ll make informed decisions when the unexpected inevitably happens :-). Glad to hear it mostly worked out, @amuething!