Touring plans in the land of G+

Having just done TP’s for USO, they were singularly awesome. Actually - they were mostly dictated by @ryan1 's recommendations, but I did put them in, evaluate, optimize, and evaluate.

My family wholly appreciated following them and DD17 asked about having some for our upcoming mother-daughter trip.

Is there any way at all to use them now? I will have G+, but who knows when I will draw LL’s for, and when/if I will get return times for the big ones.


The big challenge is trying to predict G+ return times.

Last I read they were working on incorporating that into the touring plan feature.

Meanwhile I rely on recent thrilldata as the best way to predict return times.


You can create a touring plan and then add your LL times as you book them- then optimize.


Ok. Thanks.

Does the mobile app for TP WDW work better than the mobile app for TP UOR, do you know?

The TP UOR app looks like it was made for my 2012 iPod…

The WDW mobile app was just updated about a year ago? I had success with it my last few trips but I am one that often will decide to go “off plan”. I was, at times, ahead of the plan.

  1. The quick and easy way. You create a Touring Plan, but think of it more like a To-Do List. And then just edit and optimize as you get your LL’s like Tinker said.

  2. You make the Touring Plan but spend more time putting in hypothetical times. The plans will allow you to enter in LL return times that you think you may get. This would take more research on return times like Joe said. Of course consider the drop times too. I’m waiting any day now for TP to add the capability to automatically forecast return times for you.

The new Disney Lines 2.0 app is very modern, you’ll love it. UOR Lines does look ancient lol. There are a bunch of blogs and even videos on using Lines 2.0, let me know if you want any of them.


I have been looking at it. I just wondered if it were more functional or just prettier looking.

Here is what TP first said about the new app:

Here’s some of what you can expect:

  • A modern user interface with support for swiping and touch gestures
  • Faster response times for in-app features, such as getting and submitting wait times
  • A much easier way to create and manage touring plans on mobile devices
  • Restaurant and ride ratings with context that says whether it’s worth your time and money

Of course features that TouringPlans users love including Lines Chat, “Ride Now/Wait/Ride Anytime” ratings, attraction information, real-time updates, searchable menus, and more are still an integral part of the new app.

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Thank you Brandon!!

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Two ways:

(1) The less time consuming way: Come up with general plan and put some times for your expected LLs. Modify during your day at the park depending on what comes up. That type of TP would be helpful, but if you really want a great TP, then …

(2) The more time consuming way: A week before your trip, get on the Disney app for a few days and check at various times throughout the day, see what LLs are available at certain times and take some notes. This will give you a good sense of the LLs (and the times that you will be able to get) when you are at the park. Also look at for more info on which LL attractions will be available at which times. Then, make a TP based on the reasonable expectation of which attractions will be available to you throughout the day with LL. You will still need to modify your TP on the go, but this way will get you closer to reality than the first way.

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I just opened a plan for today and optimized:

This is where you you add your LL return time and optimize again:


thank you @PrincipalTinker !! Thank you!!

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Trying to wrap my head around building a touring plan when I don’t know when (or if) I’ll get LLs. I was a big believer in having a touring plan during the fast pass days and would constantly modify my plans before 60 days and then again after I booked my actual fast passes. So, I find myself really thrown right now when trying to build a touring plan. Do you walk into your park day with a plan in place that you feel good about, regardless if you get zero LLs, and then any LLs you do get are bonus because they decrease your time? Do you walk in with a list of to-dos for the morning time and then the afternoon is more flexible? I don’t know why this is throwing me for such a loop! Feeling pretty stupid…


I would think you’d have to optimize often.

I have opted out of purchasing LLs or ILL up to this point so I have only tried to create a plan and optimize. I have generally been in front of my plan.

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I’ve been working on touring plans for a late August trip. I’ve been putting in what I want to do without any LL’s. I figure if it says I can get everything done without them, then I won’t be so dependent on getting exactly the ones I want. Of course, I’m not super confident in the TP wait times right now. Hopefully, they will get more accurate as we get closer. For instance, ToT says a 9 minute wait in one of my plans. I would love that! But I doubt it would actually be accurate. :joy:

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I don’t think that is stupid at all! I am in the same position (so maybe we are both stupid :joy:).


I wondered about ToT as well. I read on another page that the capacity was down due to refurbishment and that it was a good ride to rope drop. We have been to HS several times and have never ridden ToT…we’ve all been a bit afraid of the drops and what they might due to our stomachs! We are determined to give it a try this time…but I don’t know if I want to try it first thing in case some of us do get sick after riding.