Touring plans -help me review ~

Ive finalized a few - wanted to get thoughts on if these look good or any changes that might be needed - hopefully the links work.

mk day 1

ak - day 2

hs - day 3

ep - day 5

day 4 and day 6 are additional Mk days - havent really finalized them yet and determined all we want to see as yet.

Doesn’t look like these plans are shared for viewing. :frowning:

weird - i click on the links and I can see - i went into print and then copied the url - is this not correct?

Tells me I dont have access…

ok - found the button to publish - let me know if you can see :slight_smile:

bumping again - if anyone can take a look, would be appreciated - thanks :slight_smile:

Day one looks like lots of walking across the park. Are you going to be able to walk all day and into the evening for the party? Maybe take a break in the afternoon since you have another MK day?

thats definitely a thought - but we have BBB @ 340 then dinner at the Castle @540 - so didnt really want to leave and come back if at all possible. There is some time gaps in there as well as a break for lunch… can definately take out some things and put on the other 2 days :slight_smile:

I am splitting mine into 2 days with one day Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. (Party Day and hoping to be done by 12:30ish), the other day is really an early afternoon with CP dinner and Frontierland & Adventureland. (Non party day) We are not riding Space or Splash so I don’t have to take those into consideration thankfully.

Im just evaluating ur MK day 1 and man, that space FP is really throwing me a loop. If u could modify ur FP for Space to BTMrr, you could really cut down on walking. I dont think you would have any prob grtting a SM FP on one of ur other days, or even same day.

TY - yes, unfortunately when i was making my FPPs didnt realize the distance in the park lol will try to modify then will go for a sdfp - otherwise will try to modify on one of our other days.

Actually, I would switch the ETwB for 11:45 ish, see pics, dont know how to share plans, lol

Switch up JC with PB lunch, lol

What walking speed do you have it set to? I’ve found if I set the walking speed to relaxed and the walking vs waiting to balanced, I bounce around the parks a bit less.

Epcot also looks like a lot of walking back and forth to me. Your HS day looks a little bit back-and-forthy but not too bad. Are you planning an afternoon break between H&V and Fantasmic?

Looking at your AK touring plan, you have a 27 minute break after EE before your Y&Y ADR. Assuming KRR opens at 10am, why not go straight there after EE (rope dropping it) before Y&Y and modify the KRR FPP to something like a second KS later in the day (or keep it to try to modify it to a second FoP at one of the drops?) With KRR being basically en route from EE to Y&Y it seems like repurposing that FPP might make more sense make more sense.

I have it set to minimize walking and average speed - we are fast walkers lol

Yes - break after H&V - we are going to be up around 4-430 am for RD of HS so assuming we will be wiped - then come back for Fantasmic :slight_smile:

definitely will do that for AK - didnt think about that!

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so are you saying give up the space mountain Fast Pass and switch that to Etwb? then put JC in front of lunch @ pecos…

Yes, somehow when screen shooting, i switched them, just so u dont get to lunch too early. Etwb, but at 11:40, TP showed availability, have to ck with Disney FP system.

I was going to work on AK next, dont want to be too presumptuous though😊

thanks drv :slight_smile: ill take a look at day 1 tonight - see if i can switch some stuff around

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It’s weird that it’s bouncing you around so much with you minimizing walking! We’re fast walkers too but having the relaxed speed seemed to give us better (less backtracking) TPs. The break between lunch and Fantasmic makes total sense.

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yeah - didnt really even realize that, maybe i will play around with the walking speeds and see where it gets me~