Touring Plans Functionality Question

We are planning to snack a lot at Disneyland :slight_smile: I’m working on making touring plans for our days in the park as a general guide to get us started. It seems like we have to pick a specific time for anywhere we want to get food. Is there a work around besides putting in one hour flexibility? We care more about optimizing our overall flow then when we stop at places like the Little Red Wagon. I’d be happy to try a corn dog as a late breakfast snack or late in the evening. Should I just leave snack places off of our plan, that way we could just stop when/where we want and optimize throughout the day?

You could add some breaks here and there. You can rename a break to anything you want since it’s freetext and you can choose any time that works. This way you’re padding your plan with time to allow for snacking without nailing yourself down to a specific location. I would probably plan to do this every couple of hours.

For any meal, though, you can adjust the amount of time you plan to spend. So even if you do enter it as Little Red Wagon you should be able to indicate you plan to spend 15 mins and you can adjust the flexibility as well.

That’s a good idea. I’ve done that for WDW trips in the past. Not sure why I didn’t think about that for this. I think I’ll add breaks and then just type up a list of places we’d like to snack at in the notes. Thanks.