Touring Plans - Free Time

What does the Free time indicate in the touring plans once optimized?

That shows how much free time you have before you need to be at the next attraction.

That’s what’s frustrating me I guess… why is it giving me so much free time after a given ride? It seems contrary to optimizing!

If you have to much free time it may be that you need to add more attractions or shorten you day.

I know what you mean. It seems counterintuitive. But the system is choosing the best times of the day for you to do the attractions in order to lessen the amount of time you’re standing in lines.

When I have this happen, I usually will just add some more attractions, like @PrincipalTinker suggested. Or, if I don’t change my plans, I’ll either move on to the next attraction anyway or use the time for site-seeing or shopping.

Thanks all!!

Think of it as time to stop and look around. There’s so much more than just the rides. And I’m not talking just shops either!

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I look at the free time as a “grace period” for when TP says it will be a 15 minute wait and it’s actually a 30 minute wait…



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I used it to decide when to take our break for pool time back at the resort.