Touring Plans FP

I realize FP has not returned; however, the plans offered are COVID and post-pandemic. The post-pandemic assumes FP. I looked at FAQ and it said I can add FP reservations to the touring plan. I can’t? I don’t see it anywhere on the Edit, choose attractions, after optimize, etc. It simply isn’t there which makes any advance planning pointless despite the FAQ and plan itself saying they are available and making suggestions.

It is not certain that FP will return in the same form.

Touring Plans is just trying to be prepared with it’s software for if and when it does return. I don’t think it allows you to add FP until there is official word that it is coming back on a certain date.

Advance planning has been a little difficult for everyone the past year as things are reopening with sometimes little notice. It’s our new world right now.

Just keep up with the Disney news headlines along with the TP forum and you will be fine!