Touring Plans for Heavily Crowded Days

I read through a few of the Touring Plans and felt they were very ambitious. Our trip is planned for Spring break and crowd sizes are estimated to be at 9-10 levels. Are there different plans for the busiest times of the year?

We find that a good touring plan is even more important during spring break. Try making a copy of one of the plans you find ambitious, then optimize for your date. It will give you a good idea of what you can actually accomplish in a day around that time of year. That way, if you can’t “do it all,” you’ll know you need to look back through the plan and take out what’s not a “must-do” for you.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Welcome! Please ask anything & often.

Being at the parks at least 30 mins., preferably 1 hour, before RD / EMH becomes vital. You can get so much more done at those times. You’ll see waves of people coming about every 45 minutes after park opening as the ferries unload. About 3 hours after the park opens you’ll see queue waits jumping up.

I’m going in Thanksgiving and the days where I was planning to start my day early there are no EHM for the parks I’m going to visit. So, if a park opens at 9 am, at what time should I arrive?

If you are using the ready-made plans on high CL days, then they probably will be a little ambitious. Make personalized TPs based on these plans and the Optimize them for your specific days to get a better idea of what to expect.

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The earlier you get there the closer to the front of the crowd you are at the Rope Drop area.

We like to be there at 8:30. Then after you get through the turnstiles, weave your way to the rope nearest your first attraction. Fill in any available space, don’t form a queue. While you’re waiting for them to drop the rope, use the map you grabbed while waiting at the turnstiles to map out your route to the first attraction. Also take a moment to preview the route from the first ride to the second. That way, you know exactly where you’re going and can walk briskly directly to the next attraction. Rinse and repeat whilst in line for the next attraction.

By the way, going to the park WITHOUT EHM can be one of the best strategies. EHM directs the traffic to another park while you and 1,000 of your closest friends enjoy a relatively uncrowded first hour in your park.

Thank you for the tips. I was wondering about EHM, to do or not to do. Opinions are mixed.