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I just joined this week and my FP day is next Tuesday. I was trying to use the personalized touring plan, but when I select the checkbox to include the rides I want to FP it gives me the below error which doesn’t make sense because then in the plan the ride shows a long wait time (55mins). What am I doing wrong?

Error message:
This plan does not use the FastPass+ reservation for Na’vi River Journey. Possible reasons for this include: (a) Using that FastPass+ reservation may result in longer waits in line; (b) It may take more walking to use the Fastpass than in the plan shown; © It’s not possible to see everything else in the plan and use the FastPass+; or (d) The attraction simply doesn’t need FastPass+ because it won’t save any time. One option is to exchange this FastPass+ reservation for another attraction or for another time of day.

Is there a reason you are not getting the Flights of Passage FP?

can you publish your plan so we can see if there is something obvious? Go into edit and click publish link.

Kids are too little

That’s really strange. Have you tried optimising a few times in a row?

It is scheduling you during your break?

I know that confused me as well

What you might want to do is rearrange things by moving them around yourself and then to Evaluate. I’ve had to do this before.
You can also go into advanced options and tell it that it has to use the FP for the time you have them for.

A few suggestions. For the SC for lunch, you will probably want to mobile order because you will be going right at the busy time.

I thought the train was closed.

You may or may not see Devine, I;m not sure how long she spends out there.

You will miss Festival of the Lion King if you try to get there at that time.

I do not see how you are going to fit a 2 1/2 hour break in here and still see/do everything you want to.

Wow! This is one wild plan that has you jumping all over the park! First of all I think TP is having some kind of glitch because it is telling you to arrive late to FOTLK and Rivers of Light. In real life, you won’t be able to make that happen. (My TP’s over the weekend had the same issue). Also, it has you taking a break for 150 min as you leave the park? If you want a break in the middle of that day, you need to move that up where you want it to be. I think you will then find out that you can’t accomplish everything on the plan. Try starting over by adding things in a logical order either clockwise or counter and then “Evaluate” and see what your wait times are. Also, be sure your walking speed is set to what makes sense to your family. If you have young kids, probably don’t go higher than “normal”. Super relaxed let’s you have time to see some sights and stop by the bathroom. Good luck!

I noticed that naptime is currently scheduled for 9:30 pm. Pretty late nap :slight_smile:

I know I was so confused on the whole thing. I will do as suggested and start over adding one thing at a time. Thanks for all the help/advice.

The FP time for Navi is 12:45-1:45. The plan shows you arriving at 1:48 which is after the FP window (don’t think grace periods are taken into account here). Move Navi up one step and evaluate the plan instead of optimize.

There should be a grace period. Why wouldn’t there be? This would still make me nervous though just because I don’t like to count on the grace period in my plan - if I’m running behind, then I use it.

There is a grace period and the plan often uses it. I don’t like to use the grace period just in case, so I often change the time of it but don’t add the change to the plan. So for instance if I have 10-11 and the plan wants me to go at 11.05, I’ll try for a 10.15-11.15 but leave the plan as it is. Of course this won’t always work, it depends what else you’ve got booked.

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Not sure if this will fix the issue or not, but have you considered a later start and then staying through the rest of the day without a break? I know one of the tricky things about AK is the timing since so much of it is scheduled shows and appearances. A lot of what you have on your schedule is only available at particular times. That may be what is not letting the FPP register appropriately. Too many other things have to have that time slot. With so many things needing afternoon time slots, I wonder in having a later start and then not taking the afternoon break would help.

That is also quite a bit of running around (and I’m a RD to close kinda girl). I would think about priorities and then have some backup activities in mind if you end up having time. I just did this with my 2.5 year old niece. I took out the Hakuna Matata Time dance party, which helped the schedule, but we were still able to walk past it and dance a little on the way to Nemo. Setting a relaxed walking pace allowed for short detours like that.

One obvious thing I see is to move the trails around to whenever you will already be in that area. As far as potentially cutting down, those would be my other things to focus on, deciding which ones you really must see (keep on the plan) and which you can just know are there to enjoy if you get ahead of schedule. We decided not to prioritize them as much because my niece has a beautiful zoo in her hometown so they were not as unique of an experience compared to other options

After also starting with a crisscross mess, our general order on the last trip was:

Adventurers Outpost (FPP)
FOTLK (first show)
KS (FPP) - followed by a brief tour of the gorilla trail
Lunch (tiffins)
Pandora Drummers
Flights of Wonder (brief tour or discovery island trails)
Nemo (stopped at HM dance party)
FOP (planned to do Triceratops but we scored a same day FPP for FOP so skipped it for that)
Rivers of Light
Dinner at satu’li to see Pandora at night

That was a pretty busy open to close with no break - though lunch took about 2 hours. It was also a CL10 so busy moving from place to place, though lines never held us up because we always had FPP for everything with a line.