Touring Plans / Fast Pass Questions

Ok, I swear I looked for these questions before asking, but Google failed me.

  1. In my TP’s I get no recommendations for Fast passes. I know we are going on days with a CL of 5 or less, but you would think that fast pass would help somewhere? So what does one do without recommendations? I’m thinking about aiming for the first 3 rides of the day, then pick more up through the day as the plan suggests? Am I correct if I am planning to do Haunted Mansion next and I see a FP for 10 minutes from then even if the wait time is only 10, the fast pass will help by at least giving you a shorter queue to walk through right?

  2. In Epcot, If i get a FP for Soaring and Mission Space, then want to go to HS for TOT, can i try to get a FP in HS after I have used them both? I know I can’t do it before I used it.

  3. Not TP / FP related, but you guys may know… If we Drive to MK, then leave at 6pm to go to HS because of the Christmas party, will there be buses available to get us back to the MK/TTC to get our car when HS closes? I don’t want to be stuck at HS and our car at TTC, but also don’t want to waste time moving the car midday when we will have the express transportation pass.


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  1. I think there’s a button somewhere to make it suggest fastpasses. Did you fill in the “how many fps do you intend to use?” box?

  2. Yes

  3. You could take a bus to the Poly and walk to the TTC.

I’m no expert but I’ll try to answer the best I can

  1. I’ve personally found it’s easier to simply book the FP for the rides you really want and then allow the plan to route around them.
  2. From what I understand you must use all 3 alloted FP in Epcot before you can request more. So even if you only book 2 for epcot you won’t be able to book your HS FP until you use a 3rd in Epcot or you select one that you let expire. My suggestion is get an really early fast pass to something you don’t care about and let it expire, that way you can then do the 2 you want and then re-up for fast passes in HS.
    3.Dinsey’s Brown bus line runs from TTC to AK&HS so you should be able to leave your vehicle at TTC and get back to TTC at the end of the night.
  1. So, in general, I would look for whatever has the longest wait (even if it isn’t very long) and add that in as a FP. Then optimize and look for the next longest - of course keeping in mind the headliner attractions that are on your plan as first picks.

Alternatively, if your party size is relatively small, I’d go with the other approach - schedule your FPs (including headliners) in the first few rides so that you can then just keep booking FPs all day. My husband and I did this in June with CLs 4-6 and we did not ride anything with out FPs except the rides we rode right at RD. We used the rolling FP strategy and the modify trick to get FP after FP all day long.

Yes, even if a ride has a short wait time, the FP will give you an even shorter wait - basically a walk on (unless it is already a walk on). Haunted Mansion is a weird one because of the pre-show. So you do have a shorter walk to the stretching room, but once in the stretching room you are done with the FP privilege - still have to deal with the line/herd of people to get to your doom buggy.

  1. That’s not right. You only need to use all 3 in EP if you want another tier 1 in EP. If you want to book for HS, even if it’s a tier 1 and you’ve used a tier 1 in EP, if doesn’t matter.

You have to use all your pre-booked fastpasses before you can book another.

And you have to use 3 before you can book another in the same park. But if you park hop, you can book one or two in advance in park 1, and as soon as you have used them, book another in park 2.

Pre-book one fp in park 1, use it and book a further two immediately in park 2


Pre-book two fps in park 1, use them and book another in park 2.

That’s what I was saying. You must use all 3 before being allowed to book any in HS. From when I understand/read you can “use” a fast pass by letting it expire. So if book the 2 the OP said she was going to use, you must also book a 3rd at a ride they might not want to go on, the key is making sure it’s an early fast pass so it expires and counts toward your 3 used before you head to HS. Again, I’m not a FP pro, I’m only going off of what I’ve read previously

Is this new? I got my info from The Disney moms panel which has always been a relaible source for me

A - HA! That worked!!

It gave me some suggestions - like 7! I will start with the 3 that are first with my plan. then go down the list as I can’t get them - like i have no hope with 7DMT… HA!

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Why no hope for 7DMT?

I know what you were saying, but you were mistaken. OP can use 1 or 2 in EP and then book another in HS. No need to use all 3. You have to use (or expire) all 3 before booking another tier 1 in the same park. Not in a different park.


It’s worked for me and countlesss others. If you don’t book 3 in advance, you can make up those 3 in a different park *as soon as you use the pre-booked ones.

I booked FEA. Scanned in, then went onto the app and booked Pirates and Jungle Cruise for that evening.

If I had wanted to book Soarin after FEA, I would have had to use (or let expire) all 3 in Epcot before I could book another in Epcot.

The Disney Mom’s panel is useful but not infallible. The answers aren’t checked and can be downright wrong. Just recently I’ve seen such gems of advice as:

“You’ll be sent magic bands and luggage tags” to an Australian visitor

“You can travel by boat from OKW to MK”

“You will not be able to use your refillable mugs at your second resort of a split stay”.


You could get it - my family just got 7DMT for 7 people on 2 different days booking at 30 days out - nearly 29 before they got round to looking at the second day! I was amazed.

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It’s shocking how bad the panel can be!

you got that right, I’m always happy to learn something new anyways.

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I’m off property… on Property snags all the good stuff early. I don’t like to get my hopes up, so I just assume I can’t until I can!

I am trying to figure out if that is worded poorly or if it is just plain wrong. You can pre schedule up to 3 FPs in one park. You can make 1,2 or 3. As long as those FPs (up to 3) are used or expired you may then schedule another park. It can be one FP scheduled, used, and then that day you may schedule another park once you scan your band.


You can “prebook” up to 3 fast passes per day, but you don’t need to prebook 3.

Once you have used all “prebooked” fast passes, you may get as many “on demand” fast passes as are available, but only one at a time.

At no time, can you hold fast passes at two separate parks.

That worded clearly and correct?

Yes! That is different from what the mom’s panel said. Also- I lelieve it has been tested that if you make only one FP, when you scan your band you can then make two in the next park- I believe that is still true .

Certainly was at Christmas.