Touring Plans #Everywhere Oct 12 ,2014

@SteveBloom is our TP representative who will be at Walt Disney World October 12th as part of Touring Plans Everywhere. Tick - tock - time to start planning!!!

  1. Which park?
  2. What time?
  3. Where?
  4. Do you have @Lentesta 's credit card?

And we have never met. Are you fun? How do you feel about fountains? ( @MDU) Should we just move this thread to La Cava now? ( @LaurelStewart) Is there a competition? Let's win!

No pressure - but @SteveBloom don't screw this up! smile

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We may eventually start a sub section for all the Oct 12 events. The thread is good here for now.

I can attest that @SteveBloom is indeed fun.

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Who needs planning?

Here's my into to the #everywhere trip:

F&W seems like the logical choice for the meet-up. If you have a more fun idea let me know.