Touring plans entertainment times not matching with MyDisneyExperience - which should be believed?

So, I was just looking at my MK custom touring plans. Last week, the listing for the Muppet’s show included 9:20 AM. I know because I noticed that MDE showed it as 9:30 and I made a note of it. Tonight, I went back to doublecheck and now TP shows the listing as starting at 11:30. So I went back to MDE and saw that it still lists the muppets as having a 9:30 AM show. Then I noticed that my 12:30 Jack Sparrow pirate Tutorial was now showing as 12:00 PM, but MDE still shows it as 12:30… any clues as to which one is correct? This substantially changes my TP and I’d hate to rearrange everything only to find out this was a glitch in the TP. Does this happen a lot? Should I wait and not make any changes until just before our trip (which is in two weeks). I became aware of the issue when I found the Norway Viking show changed last week resulting in a complete redo of my Epcot plan.

How far out is this trip? If I recall correctly, show times are among the very last things to be scheduled, and both MDE and TP are pretty much best guesses up until just before the day in question. That is why WDW tells you to grab a show time handout when you enter a park.

It is in two weeks. I’m just confused because MDE is not showing the changes.

I have found that TP’s show times on their touring plans are never accurate when I make my plans. I go by the MDE times and they are almost always correct. I just put the show in as a break at the correct time.

I just checked the touring plans again. The HS times finally were updated. I think it takes several days to update.

I’m glad TP caught up. If you ever have problems like this, just email . I did this last November/December regarding The Muppets Present and a few others. Brian McNichols was great at responding and fixing things. I agree, having the correct times in your plan makes it so much easier to autopopulate with correct times.

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