Touring plans doesn't recommend Remy

I’m trying to create plans without rope drop, but no matter what Epcot plans don’t recommend obtaining Remy LL at 7am. Here’s one with just a few rides because free time will be in WS

Even when I remove TT, it doesn’t recommend Remy.

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You can change it, move things where you want them, and use evaluate rather than optimize. This should give you a reasonable time estimate for the steps you want to take anyway.

Are you entering through the main gate rather than the international gateway? That could have something to do with it.

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Try putting in a block of free time or more rides. It probably isn’t recommending Remy LL because you don’t need it to complete your steps in the chosen time frame. The LL recommendations are a fairly recent addition to TP.

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If you are rope-dropping from the IG, you really don’t need a LL for Remy. You can still get one, and it might shorten your wait time. But you don’t have enough in the plan to necessitate getting a LL. You have 102 minutes of free time even after you get off Remy.

You probably want to actually put in what you think you plan to do, including visiting the WS pavillions, so that TP can give you better recommendations and time estimates for you in terms of walking around, etc.

BTW, I noticed it shows a 43 minute walk from Teppan Edo to Spaceship Earth. This suggests you have your walking speed to very slow. That’s fine…but all the more reason to plug in the pavilions you want to visit so that it estimates walking time. You will want to avoid back-tracking and such, so it is a good idea to put in as much as you hope to do and see what recommendations it makes. Moving SE to a different time, for example, might make more sense.

We’re not rope dropping and won’t get to the park until around 10am. That’s what has me confused. All correctly set to 10am, obtain first LL at 7am, and entering International Gateway.
I have the time set to slowest possible and with minimal walking because DH walks much slower than the rest of us. My knees aren’t much better.

That’s it, though. You just don’t have enough in the plan for TP to make any real recommendations. You need to include more. But as of now, there is no need for a LL because you have plenty of time to get it “all” done.

Having said that, there can be quirks in TP, so it isn’t like there might not be something wrong…but I’d start by fleshing out your plan more.

It might not ultimately make sense to start at Remy at all. But, since you are arriving at 10:00 am, it would have to pick something.


My guess is that TP doesn’t recommend Remy at 7am for the same reason they assume we’re all at the back of the pack for RD… many, many people say they’ll make their first LL at 7am, but that actually means more like 7:15 or 7:30, which can change things dramatically.