Touring Plans- Disneyland

We have bought a 5 day park hopper but, have noticed touringplans only has one day options for plans.

Being a DL newbie, is there any other resources for multi-day park hopper plans that I could use as a basis for my trip?

Thank you in advance!

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I’m not aware of any resource that lets you schedule a plan for more than 1 park at a time. I’d probably suggest just doing 2 Touring Plans for the days you park hop. Before MaxPass a lot of advice had runners hopping parks to grab FPs for the group. With MaxPass, I’d suggest paying the $10 per person per day to avoid the need for a runner as it makes FPs so easy. Plus you get the Photo Pass for free making it a reasonable deal.

We had 5 day park hoppers in August as well. You have a lot of time to hit pretty much all we wanted. Most days we hit headliners with FPs and repeated our favorites. We also had time to ride some of the esoteric rides that have disappeared from WDW like Mr. Toad’s, Storybook Adventure & the Nemo Subs. We also ate well hitting Napa Rose, Blue Bayou & Carthay Circle which were all good. I’d probably do Blue Bayou first due to the environment and relative cost combined with excellent food…

Have fun…