Touring Plans Crowd Calendar - Pandora Opening

I assume as Pandora opens the crowd calendar for AK will be adjusted up especially on the weekends for the locals and most likely the other parks adjusted down. The only reason why if the AK crowd calendar number increases and the other parks do not go down is if the overall “pie” of people increases.

Is this a fair statement ?

I know for our trip in July the CL projections for AK have already been increased some. There may still be more to come though. I don’t recall that the other parks went down much if at all. For the time we are coming, I suspect they are expecting more people and more people to choose AK

I went back and checked my email alert. It looks like the other parks and overall resort levels that did change went up too. Not as much as AK changed, but up. So at least for that week, they are expecting the “pie” to grow and a larger share of the “pie” to go to AK than previously would have. Not sure how that plays out in other weeks though.

No one “knows”, but if I were going to be there the first month or so after Pandora opens, I would assume CL10 at AK, and no significant changes to whatever the CLs are for the other parks. But late May is the start of the “summer season”, when crowds start building anyway.