Touring plans before we know dates?

We are still a few months away from making dining reservations and finding out hours to determine which parks we are visiting on which days. When should I start trying to make some touring plans? Can I modify the dates and times AFTER I create one? Can I add FPP AFTER I create one? Or do I need to wait until after I have made our FPP selections at the 60 day mark?

Also, we are using a Disney TA. I know they have to be the ones to change hotel reservations and apply payments, but will I have full access to modifying FPs and dining reservations on my own or do I have to do everything through her?

As soon as you want to start having fun! :wink:

Absolutely. I’ve done it a few times to play around with predicted wait times for the same park across a few different day options.

Yes, again.

Nope. However, after you obtain your FPPs, you will want to re-optimize/re-evaluate, of course.

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Thank you so much. I haven’t used a touring plan before and I kept stopping when I saw I needed to pick a date

I find the TPS useful to see what is actually achievable on certain days. I always use Evaluate, since I know the layout of the parks pretty well and like to plan my days my way. But I use the TPS to plan each land or area, and try out different possibilities.

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I think one caveat to this (when to try optimize) is to have TP figure out which is the best ride to rope drop. There have been a lot of posts lately where what people THINK they should rope drop isn’t necessarily the best choice, statistically speaking. So I would suggesting doing an Optimize first to see what TP recommends as the first ride(s), and then arrange things and evaluate from that point forward.

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True, for those who do rope drop.

I never have and likely never will! So I don’t worry about that. My FPs are always the ones that are must-dos for us, regardless of whether they may be recommended or not. Like Indy at DHS, I would never risk not getting in to a show if I wanted to do it at a certain time.

:hushed: Oh. I see. You’re one of THOSE people.

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Thank you so much! I will definitely keep all of this in mind! Are kids will be 4.5, 6, 8 and 10. They are all early risers so we are definitely planning on rope dropping and using EMHs