Touring Plans App - Savi & Droid Times

I’m trying to use the app to create a plan that includes Savi’s and Droid building. The plan wants to know the times for those experiences (it won’t move forward with optimizing until it has them) but I cannot figure out how to add the times that I have reserved!

Am I missing something…I’ve poked around quite a bit.

I did not have any luck with that either when I tested it. I have made all my plans on the website first, so maybe it is a missing feature? Maybe @len can comment if it is something they are planning to add.

I know you can add reservation times and duration on the website. It’s not intuitive, but I’ve done it. I emailed TP about this last Feb, with not much result.

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Sorry for the delay responding - family in town and I’m playing “tour guide.”

What happens when you try to enter a time? Does nothing happen? A screencap would help.

For me, I get the best results by creating a plan without Savi’s or Droid Depot, then add them as additional “Meals and Breaks” (which treats them as non-meal reservation item). When you add them, you can give them a time and duration - but must remember to hit “Save.”

It’s really tough trying to put them in your plan as you first create it. It’s better to add them once you’ve created the plan without.