Touring plans and rope drop?


Hi! Do touring plans not account for visitors that will arrive early to be ready to enter park right at rope drop? For example, on our Epcot touring plan on 10/31, we have Soarin selected as first stop. Plan shows arrival at Soarin at 9:28am. Being among first in park it seems it would not take 28+ minutes to walk from main entrance to Soarin... is that correct, or am I missing something? I have even tried to select an earlier start time for the day before park hours but the plan defaults to opening time. Thank you!


If you publish your plan it will make it easier for people to review and offer suggestions. Is that arrival time or wait time?


I think it would depend on the walking speed you chose for your TP. I will say that we were way ahead of our plan at Epcot when we did rope drop. They let us in at 8:45 and we walked much faster than I put on our plan.


I feel pretty silly! It's the walking speed I selected! I had selected very relaxed walking speed on the plan and just changed it to fast and it gets us to Soaring at 9:10. That sounds more realistic. We have an extended family group of 12 kids thru grandparents so I've chosen very relaxed walking speed on all our plans but this is the first one that has given such a noticeable length of time to walk to the first ride. Hopefully we will end up walking faster than "very relaxed"! :grin:
Thanks for the help!


It's all about distances. The distance from the tapstiles to the entrance of Soarin' is a MUCH longer walk than from the tapstiles at MK to most rides.