Touring Plans and Recommended FP+ Times

We made our FP+ reservations prior to making our TP for each park. When I enter the times of the FPs we have, TP says that the FP is not needed for that time slot, mostly because we want to minimize walking and the system, I believe, is trying to accommodate that request first but the wait times are much longer than we would prefer.

We then created an entirely new TP without entering our elected FPs and TP recommends times that are different from what we currently have reserved.

Most of the FPs are still available for our dates. Should we create a TP for our given park and date, let the system tell us what FPs to use and the time to use them, and then try to reschedule the FPs that we have already reserved?

Thanks for your input and advice :smile:

What rides are we talking about? The “official” line is that TP will recommend the FPs that you truly need, and you should just trust in it.

In my actual experience, though, I had rides that I knew I wanted to ride, and to be sure that I would get on them without a major wait, I got FPs for them and simply disregarded the TP. I optimized in the park after riding with FPs.

Having said that, you don’t want to waste FPs, so it doesn’t make sense to, say, FP Stitch.

Minimizing walking is most likely not the cause of the Optimizer not using your FPPs - often there is little difference between a “minimize waiting” and a “minimize walking” plan. Set the slider to minimize waiting and see.

In general I recommend making a plan first and then using the suggestions to determine which FPP reservations will help you out the most.

The rides we are looking at are the popular ones:

AK: Everest, Kilimanjaro, and Dinosaur

Epcot: Test Track and/or Soarin

DHS: ToT, Toy Story

MK: haven’t gotten that far yet…

There are still FP+s for all of those rides on our travel dates so it sounds like it would be best to create a new plan, have TP recommend the FP+ times, and then change the FPs we currently have. It’s no big deal to me and doesn’t create a bunch of extra work, provided it’s the right thing to do to maximize the benefits of using a TP.

Depending on when you are going- TP may not recommend any, or may just recommend one or two. I have plans made for 7 park days in early December, and have zero FP+ recommendations in my TPs because our longest wait in line is less than 10 minutes with one exception. FP+ is a tool only IF you need them when you go. The fact that there are still FP+ available for all these major attractions indicates you may not need them. TP does have us in one line at Soarin’ for 18 minutes- so we may FP+ that- but overall we are only using ours to FP+ Wishes and MSEP. We don’t need them, so no sense in getting them.

Actually, I would get FPPs that fit into your plan for some of the top tier attractions anyway. That way you have them in hand in case there is an unexpected crowd surge or a attraction is down, both of which can create lines where none were expected.


Our window comes up in a couple of weeks, so will get some just in case. Thanks for the advice- seems practical. I used to sell insurance, and one of our sales pitches was “better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”. Seems to apply in this situation.

Exactly! :smile:

I would definately get FPP for attractions. We just went a few weeks ago ( early Sept) and the parks are more crowded they they have been in the past. Our predicted days were all supposed to be 1-2 crowd level. We saw level 4-8 while we were there. My TP said waits would be very short at all attractions, all but 1 day I was very glad I had made my FPP. The last day I did not need them at AK so I changed them to MK and we hopped there to re ride a few favorites for a few hrs and to catch talking Mickey who we did not FPP ahead of time, ( TP said 15 min wait and the actual was 60 both days at MK). So glad I could pick up a FPP for that the last day!

I did my touring plan and then got FPP for the time those attractions were scheduled. Then I optimized my plan and it didn’t use some of the FPP. I am keeping then in case things change while we are in the park, kinda like insurance. But I plan on trusting my plan unless while in the park things change. You can always cancel your FPP but you can’t always get one if you want it so I’d hold onto what you have got.

We can get lots of FPP+s thanks to some loopholes in the system- so will at least get a couple for the headliners. We aren’t into the “thrill rides” (a bit of a misnomer when talking about Disney rides), and we don’t do ‘serious’ touring anymore- so will just grab whatever pops up for our longer waits. The long lines in the MK at NFL we will avoid with a BOG breakfast, and not too concerned about anything else there except maybe PoTC since it may still be glitchy after it’s major overhaul. It’s just DW and me this trip, so my TPs don’t have a lot of attractions on them, as this is more of a vacation- and not a lot of theme park touring. Good to have the ‘insurance policies’, though.

I created my plan, told it I had 3 FPP+ options, and clicked ‘Optimize’. Then, I made the first priority FPP for the time recommended, and clicked ‘Optimize’. Repeat for second and third FPP.

If the wait for an attraction was 60 minutes and then you put in FPP, it will go under 10 minutes. Totally changes the dynamics of the entire plan. Optimizing after entering each FPP will help to stabilize the recommendations.

Hope that helps, and good luck! :slight_smile: