Touring Plans and Park Closing Times

Hi all -

One of my Epcot Touring Plans ( has Test Track listed at 8:59 pm. The park closes at 9:00 pm. How is this possible? What happens at 9?

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Did you want to see illumiNations? If you are in line before 9:00 you will be able to ride the attraction but you will miss illumiNations.

Ah, ok. We have a two day Epcot plan - so I think we saved Illuminations for day 2. Thank!

My experience is that I have never been able to get on TT close to closing, so don’t count on it. Everything closes down at 9 except for the World Showcase walkways so people can watch Illuminations.

Kids and DH ran to Mission space at 8.59 and got to ride. Wait time was about 10 mins or so as they didn’t reappear at exit until after 9.20. If you are in the queue before 9.00 you get to ride.