Touring Plans and Mickey Very Merry Christmas Party?


I am new to Touring Plans and our Very Merry Christmas party ticket is Nov 14th. Will there be suggestions or a touring plan by then to help with this event? I have read lots of advice about waiting for the later shows although I have a four year old so not sure that is going to work. I also have questions like where to see the parade if I dont want to wait for an hour on main street before the parade.

It will be myself, husband, 4 and 7 year old and their grandparents. We will enter at 4 p.m. and hoping to do some rides. I am not sure about character engagements since my youngest does get scared of them sometimes but i think at least the parade, show, fireworks. Can we fit in other rides during the party times?

Any guidance you can help me with would be appreciated!

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Character meets are a time eater during the parties (because they’re exclusive to the parties they get very long lines), so I don’t see not doing them as a negative at all. You should absolutely be able to ride some rides and still do the parade, fireworks and see a show.

There should be a blog or two with party touring advice, even though that’s one of the early parties… the bloggers pretty much all go to the first party. You can get a good idea before then, though, based on previous years’ blogs/vlogs and I think there are a few out there with tips specifically for families with younger kids that probably won’t be all about watching the 11:00 parade!

Thank you!

I’m going to my first party on Dec 18th. My plan was also to sleep in and enjoy the pool during the day weather willing. Then 4pm arrival like you. We will be focused on riding the rides with Christmas overlays which Jingle Cruise is Christmas all day long so we’ll try to do that during the 4-7pm time frame as well as get something to eat, look at the decorations. At 7pm we’re going to focus on the rides with Christmas overlays during the party only like Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, Space Mountain, Tomorrowland Speedway and Mad Tea Party. Then we’ll catch all the later shows and parade and fireworks(but we’re just adults). I am not waiting more than 10 min to meet a character period so if we do meet any it’ll be the fab 5 I’m sure and none of the hard to find ones like the 7 dwarfs unless they have no line after the last parade or something

There are some sample touring plans for the party find here: Touring Plans for parties

And there’s a write up based on previous years here

As others have said, more specifics will be available after the first parties happen and Disney should release some details ahead of that too.


I created a touring plan for the party I am attending. If you log onto the website (the app does not work) you can pick your date and check off you are attending the party. Make sure you select the seasonal activities too.


What she said ^^^^^! This is our plan as well~ I was surprised to find that my daughter had zero issues with staying awake through the party (her first one was age 5). There is so much excitement and magic in the air~


My first party last year I felt like I didn’t have time to do rides, character meets specialty treats(not free), speciality treats (free) - because … shows.
I definitely felt pulled in one direction. Guess I need to read up on said Touring Plans. Maybe it will be easier second time around. I tend to get overwhelmed with too many choices, so now that I know what to expect
perhaps it won’t be so overwhelming. :thinking: