Touring Plans and Lines app helped us have a fabulous vacation

@len and others:

I have to say that using the lines app and getting my planning done via customized plans on was a wonderuful experience. Our vacation went so smoothly because of the great planning I was able to do, even modifying our plan was easy when necessary (quick access to current wait times and the ability to re-optimize on the spot!). I saw plenty of families who had no idea what they were doing next and even arguing about it. We avoided most long lines (longest we waited for something was 20 minutes) and felt very informed all the time.

One suggestion I would have is to add a “roadblock” altert feature to the lines app similar to what Waze does when there are road hazards (I really think Lines is like Waze for Disney). We were next to get into the train at the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train ride when there was an medical emergency on the track somewhnere. We were kept waiting for a while before we were informed they were going to evacuate the ride and shut it down for a while. We were handed out FastPasses to use at any MK attraction (with a couple of exceptions). I wanted to post something to alert others of this delay (as Lines was showing wait time, but not the reason why it got so long) but wasn’t sure chat was a great place to post it as I didn’t check chat while in the parks. I would have liked to post a “Ride temporarily closed” alert for other Lines users.

I’m very impressed by the planning and app. So appreciative to have had it and almost want to go back to Disney again just so I can go through the exciting process of planning again! Thanks!


I think that would be awesome.

If someone were on the other side of the park, it would save them a lot of walking only to find out the ride was down!

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Oooh! Just back from our first trip as well, where I kept 10 people organized and on plan using my Touring Plans and the Lines app. My mom was so impressed. My favorite part was watching all of the cranky people arguing when I knew where I was going and what I was doing. No fighting with DH or the kids, no issues with what do we do now. I might not have seen everything I wanted, but that’s because we paid attention to the kids and slowed down when necessary. I’m sure if I’d stuck to the plans we could’ve seen it all. And now I know how much to feasibly plan for the next trip!

Okay, now why I’m responding - we drove 16 hours plus over two days to get to Disney. We used the Waze app a whole lot. I love the idea of having a similar hazard feature in the parks. Though I will say, I very rarely had the chance to report wait times on the Lines app, because we didn’t wait in many lines, and needed my hands free to occupy the kids when we did.

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