Touring Plans and FastPass+

I have been trying to make personal touring plans for each park. I cannot figure out how to work this! I add in all the attractions and my dining reservations and my fastpass reservations, yet when I am finished it doesn’t put things in order. What am I doing wrong?!! Help!!!

Once you’ve added everything you want you should press the optimize button at the bottom. it will arrange them so that they are in the order with the shortest wait times. If you want to manually drag some of them around to change the order just use evaluate which will recalculate the wait times but won’t change the order.

Not sure what you mean “in order”. If you “Optimize”, TP will evaluate all of your selections and choose the best order to minimize wait times. If you want to keep the order that you manually selected, you should use “Evaluate”.

Check out the step-by-step instructions (with videos) at

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