Touring Plans and DAS

I understand that the touring plans software will not optimize your plan if you are doing DAS. So, here are my thoughts on how to use it. LMK if anyone has any other suggestions, or refer to the number and LMK if you disagree based on experience. It’s our first time. Thank you!

  1. Use the software to create a scenario with all the rides, shows, meals, etc that we’d hope to get in the day, and then consider that optimized plan a “worst case scenario” since theoretically, DAS should allow us to get through more things faster, assuming we are maximizing it’s use by selecting a ride and doing other things while waiting for that ride time to come up, riding that ride, and selecting the next as soon as we scan in for the first one…

  2. I’m thinking the “minimize walking” setting would be best, since while we wait for one ride, we might be better off just doing things nearby that ride. So, for example, we get in the park and choose DAS for our top ride, then we refer to the plan map and do other rides nearby while we wait for our time to come up.

  3. Since our plan won’t be optimized anyway, leave the setting as “yes, I want to wait longer” for the DAS pre-selects, to remind us when that timeframe is, should we choose to use it.

  4. While in the park, check off rides as “done” and use the app to see wait times to help us choose the next DAS and optimize in real time.

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This sounds good. I used the LL feature on my plans as DAS, especially for the pre-selected DAS. When you get into the park, make your first DAS selection, and once you tap in, make your next DAS selection. For rides that you don’t tap into (e.g., People Mover), delete the selection once you’re in, and get your next one. You can’t delete or change your preselects. I missed the time for one or two of them, and they just let me through. I wasn’t riding the big ticket ones, though.

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Not sure if it helps but I set up my touringplans for least amount of walking. This is what I did last trip…

Set up my plan with rides attractions stuff I wanted to do…Optimized it…and let it be till I was inside the gates…

I used the lines app to pick my next DAS selection- in and then if anything I wanted to do was ride now nearby I knocked that out too…ticked off what I accomplished…and refreshed the lines app.

So for example while I waited for DAS on kali River rapids- I grabbed a snacks and headed over to the Kite show

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That’s good, sounds similar to what I was thinking will work best. When you say, “I used the lines app to pick my next DAS selection”, did you optimize one last time inside the gates, or just go with the one that was at the top of your pre-optimized plan? Thanks!

Went with what was next up on the plan-

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