Touring Plans Accuracy

I am a Touring Plans Newbie, using it to plan our first Florida Vacation (both WDW and US). I have talked my vacation party (8 of us) into using TP for our US IOA day.

Here is the skinny… :slight_smile:

We plan on being at US IOA on Sunday, June 19th. We are not staying on site and we will not have Express Passes. I have used the Personalized touring plans to make up my plan and it shows that we will have everything done by 5pm or so. My longest wait is 21 minutes for Forbidden Journey at 3:13 in the afternoon. Here is my plan .

In your experience is this too good to be true? :fearful: I have time to adjust because I would rather not spend the rest of our 14-day vacation eating crow.

Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated and welcome.

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I can’t see the plan. Can you make it public please?

Thanks rebeecky. I thought I had made it public, try this link.

Yes, I think it is. I don’t believe these wait times at all. For one thing Reign of Kong has zero wait. I think that is because it isn’t open yet, but I’d expect it to be very long once it does open. This is Father’s Day, and it is supposed to be a 9 on the crowd calendar. When we have been there on crowd level 9 days, standby lines were quite long. I am not sure what is happening, but if these times are accurate you will have an amazing day!

Totally agree I think Kong will have 3 hr waits if its open.

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Sadly, I agree with everyone else that these times are not reliable. Maybe find another CL 9 day and make this same plan for that day and see how the numbers work. I realize that’s not how you’re “supposed” to do it, but you can see if it yields more accurate results.

Well, I ran 2 more test plans. Both on crowd level 9 days.

Test 1 on June 14 (Tuesday)

and Test 2 on July 3.

Both seem to be comparable to my first plan, a slightly higher wait on some of the HP rides, but still reasonable.

If I ignore Kong, since it is unlikely that it will be open by the 19th, how do the times on the rest of the rides look?

I really fear that we are going to get there, get slammed and spend all day in really long lines. Not the way I want to spend my vacation time…:worried:

Nope firstly Dudley will get you all soaked and you will need to get changed you should put it last The Hogwarts express will be double that. The walk through the station to get on and to exit is 5 mins each side plus you have to exit totally go tgen go back through ticket barrier again. Tp wait times for uni don’t seem to get enough data from users to be accurate. Most liners use exp pass or single rider ( Awesome) and wifi in uni is crap so we find it difficult to post. To get a realistic idea track actual wait times on here and the universal orlando app for a few days. It helped me to do that.

Just making sure you didn’t click the box that says you are using express pass?

I checked and all of them are marked “none”. :slight_smile:

Hmmm. I got nothing.

I agree with @mumcalsop. Checking reported wait times on the app is an excellent way to get a better picture of true wait time. For example, today is projected as a crowd level 4, and I am seeing these kind of wait times…

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Have you looked at historical wait times for a similar Sunday in 2015?

Sam2071, 2015 was predicted to be a 9 of of 10 and was observed to be a 5 out of 10. The predicted and observed wait times are higher then the touring plan is showing for this year. Is TP this inaccurate for US also? How about WDW?